At Wigs ‘n More Mastectomy Boutique in Latrobe, we offer a huge selection of some of the most comfortable and beautiful bra lines available.

Wigs ‘n More is the only shop around that carries sizes AA to NN.  Wigs ‘n More carries Fashion Bra sizes 32AA up to size 56N.



Large Cup Bra Lines

At Wigs ‘n More, our large cup bra lines include hand-picked, gorgeous and comfortable selections.

Sports Bras You Can Wear Every Day

Only the best from Anita, Elomi, Goddess and Panache

Many women who purchase our sports bras wear them every day. The fabrics are soft, durable, moisture wicking, and light. They allow freedom of movement and give a flattering look thanks to a super smooth material with flat seams.

When fit properly, sports bras can be transformative. Companies, like Anita, Panache, Elomi, and Goddess have relied on advancing technology to achieve the utmost performance out of their sports bras. Technical fabric, built-in support, perfect encapsulating fit, and outstanding function all exceed the average sports bra.

Best of all, the longevity of a high-performance sports bra will surpass any ordinary bra.