Self-adhesive nipples provide non-surgical, cosmetic symmetry after breast surgery. They adhere to the skin or breast form easily and securely.

Ideal for women who need to restore balance to one or both nipples:

  • After a lumpectomy or mastectomy
  • After radiation treatment when there is a noticeable change in the natural nipple
  • After reconstruction when the nipple is removed
  • To balance a protruding natural nipple


Amoena nipples come in four sizes and skin tone colors.

Amoena Nipple Prostheses


Anita Prosthetic NipplesThe self-adhesive nipples are made with a skin-friendly silicone adhesive.  The adhesive-free edges avoids finger contact with the adhesive itself and allows easy positioning and removal.  The adhesive effect is regenerated by washing with clear water.

  • Sizes: Small and Large
  • Colors: Light and Dark
  • Used for emphasis at the tip of the breast with breast forms and compensation aids
  • Can also be worn directly on the skin



The rules and availability of payment assistance opportunities on mastectomy products are constantly changing. Most insurance covers a portion (if not all) of our mastectomy products. See the list of insurances we accept.

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