At Wigs 'n More, we offer a selection of hats suitable to grace every head affected by cancer, chemotherapy, or alopecia. From caps, hats, and sleep caps to turbans and head wraps, we have an outstanding selection of comfortable and convenient headwear.
  • Scala Hats (from the Dorfman Pacific Hat Company)
  • Hats U Wear
  • Hats with Heart
Whatever your reasons for wearing fashionable headgear: to stay warm, avoid sunlight, or simply accessorize, when you visit Wigs ' More in Latrobe, PA, you'll find the right choices for any purpose!

Swimwear Covers


Wigs 'n More in Latrobe really has a knack for finding the best products available and bringing them to you. Well, we've done it again - this time we bring you the OKAb. line of sandals and footwear. You may already know that OKAb shoes are cute and comfortable, but they are so much more than just a pretty accessory. Here are a few things that you may not know:
OKAb offers unmatched comfort in footwear without sacrificing a sense of style. Come try out the latest styles for yourself at Wigs 'n More, the compassionate and caring women's store! Remember, you can always call us at 724-532-1901 or Contact Us online as well!