Care for Silicon Breast Forms

Helpful hints to Lengthen the Life of Your Silicone Breast Form

If you take special care of your breast form and treat it as you do your own skin, you will be rewarded with years of satisfaction. 

  • Wash your breast form with a proper prosthetic wash every time you wear it – then towel dry. Do not use perfumed or deodorant soaps. Allowing perspiration, body acids, oils, chemicals from perfumes, bath powders, etc. to build up on the product for an extended period of time will reduce its lifespan.
  • After swimming in salt or chlorinated water, always wash breast form and dry.
  • Remove jewelry from your hands before handling your breast form. The edges and stones of rings could damage your product. Remember, diamonds can cut glass.
  • Place nametags and any jewelry on the bodice of your clothing before you dress. A small pinpoint puncture could go unnoticed for weeks before the skin will weaken enough to split the form.
  • Take care when playing with your pets. The claws of kittens can puncture the product through your clothing.
  • Store your breast form in its original box when not in use to keeps its original shape. Your breast form can be damaged if closed in a drawer or suitcase.

Remember – if you have any questions about the proper care and use of your breast forms, stop into our Latrobe location, call us at 724-532-1901, or Contact Us online today!

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