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In addition to selling a huge variety of high-quality human hair wigs, Wigs ‘n More in Latrobe, PA also cleans and styles them! For your convenience, we’ve written up a small tip sheet on how to clean and care for your wigs to ensure a long and beautiful life span:

  • Taking Care of Your WigBefore washing short, straight, or wavy wigs, gently brush out all tangles and any hair spray build-up. If you have a longer wig or hair add-on with a tight or an all-over curl, do not use a brush; finger pick thoroughly and gently remove any tangles before washing.
  • Use shampoo specifically formulated to clean wigs. In a sink or basin, mix one capful of wig shampoo with COLD water and immerse wig for 10 – 15 minutes. (If you forget about your wig, don’t worry. Nothing will happen to it.)
  • Press out water between the palms of you hands – do not wring. Rinse wig gently in COLD water until all shampoo is removed.
  • Fill sink or basin with COLD water. Add one to two capfuls of wig conditioner to water. Gently swish wig through conditioned water; press out water between palms of hands; lay wig on towel; fold top of towel over wig and press out excess water.
  • Allow wig to air dry on a wig-saver stand. Do not dry wig on a styrofoam head – it will stretch the wig cap. Do not brush or comb wig until it is completely dry. When completely dry, shake it loose, brush, comb, or finger-comb. Use only wig spray to finish styling.
  • IMPORTANT: Do not use a hairdryer, curling iron, or other curing aid. Cigarette heat and excessive heat and steam from cooking and dishwashers will damage fibers or wig. Remember the arm’s length rule for cooking!
  • If you wear your wig everyday, wash it every 3 weeks in winter; every 2 weeks in hot, humid weather.

For your convenience Wigs ‘n More Offers Wig Services

Clean, Condition and Style – please ask || Clean, Condition and Recurl – please ask.

If you have any questions on wig care or are interested in having Wigs ‘n More do your styling or cleaning, give us a call! Our number is 724-532-1901 – you can also Contact Us online!

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