Self-adhesive nipples provide non-surgical, cosmetic symmetry after breast surgery. They adhere to the skin or breast form easily and securely.

Ideal for women who need to restore balance to one or both nipples:

  • After a lumpectomy or mastectomy
  • After radiation treatment when there is a noticeable change in the natural nipple
  • After reconstruction when the nipple is removed
  • To balance a protruding natural nipple


Amoena nipples come in four sizes and skin tone colors. These prostheses will be considered by Medicare and other insurance carriers.

Amoena Nipple Prostheses


Anita Prosthetic NipplesThe self-adhesive nippled is made with a skin-friendly silicone adhesive.  The adhesive-free edges avoids finger contact with the adhesive itself and allows easy positioning and removal.  The adhesive effect is regnerated by wshing with clear water.

  • Sizes: Small and Large
  • Colors: Light and Dark
  • Used for emphasis at the tip of the breast with breast forms and compensation aids
  • Can also be worn directly on the skin




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