Finding your bra band size

Measurements should be taken while wearing a bra. While measuring, the measuring tape should be snug without being tight. Begin by measuring around the ribcage, directly underneath the bust. If the measurement is even add 4″ and if it is odd add 5″ to result in a whole number for the band size. For example: If you measure 30″ add 4″ and your band size will be 34. If you measure 31″ add 5″ and your band size would be a 36.

Finding your bra cup size

To find your cup size, measure gently around the body across the high point or fullest point of the bust line while wearing a bra. If this measurement is one inch more than your band size your cup size is an A. Two inches more than your band size is a B cup. Three inches more and your cup size is a C and four inches more is a D cup. These are general guidelines for establishing a good starting point, though sizes will vary depending on what style of bra you are wearing.

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