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When it comes to your sports life, the ball should be the only thing bouncing on the court – otherwise, it’s time to invest in a high-end, top quality sports bra!

A good sports bra not only minimizes bounce but enhances the bust line, flatters the figure, and supports and lifts your breasts in a comfortable way. For those with larger bust sizes, bouncing seems inevitable. Not so! At Wigs ‘n More, you can expect our sports bras to do more than compress your breasts against your rib cages.

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Sports Bras You Can Wear Every Day

>Many women who purchase our sports bras wear them every day. The fabrics are soft, durable, moisture wicking, and light. They allow freedom of movement and give a flattering look thanks to a super smooth material with flat seams.

When fit properly, sports bras can be transformative. Companies, like Anita, Bendon, Panache, and Purelime have relied on advancing technology to achieve the utmost performance out of their sports bras. Technical fabric, built-in support, perfect encapsulating fit, and outstanding function all exceed the average sports bra.
Best of all, the longevity of a high-performance sports bra will surpass any ordinary bra.

Prevent Sagging with a Proper Sports Bra

It’s important for your breasts to have ultimate support and lift along with a proper fit to reduce movement. Otherwise the connective tissue in the breasts that holds up and maintains shape will be stressed and stretched. This results in irreversible sagging and drooping.

More than Sports Bras

At Wigs ‘n More, our offerings go well beyond sports bras. Visit our Bra Lines page to learn more. Our other product lines include:

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